13 Trendy Bathroom Pocket Door Styles That Are Magical for Small Spaces

So, when I was totally obsessed with my temporary barn door for my kitchen/living space, I was also looking at bathroom pocket doors!

I mean, even though this is a three story house, it’s old and that means non-existent closet space and smaller bathrooms.

I don’t know about you but have you ever heard of pocket doors?

These aren’t your traditional swinging doors!

Pocket doors not only save you space but look really cool and unique.

So, are you ready to get your mind-blown on this space saving hack?

I’ve put together a list of trendy bathroom pocket door styles that I’m totally obsessed with!

But first –

What is a Pocket Door?

I mean, c’mon!

Doesn’t this SCREAM chic and sophisticated????

Look –

Maybe you’re wondering what in the world a pocket door is!

Sorry, if I’m just gushing over here!

A pocket door is a sleek and stylish door that slides neatly into a recessed wall cavity.

Unlike traditional swinging doors, pocket doors have a minimalist and space-efficient look.

And did you know that pocket doors have been around for centuries?

Nowadays, they are becoming super popular in contemporary home design, and for good reason!

Why Would You Need a Pocket Door?

Well, no one really needs a pocket door, but there are tons of reason why a pocket door for a bathroom is an amazing idea!

Here are some reasons you should think about installing a pocket door for your bathroom.

  • Space Efficiency: One of the most popular reasons people are falling in love with bathroom pocket doors is their space-saving design. Who doesn’t love open spaces? Especially if you don’t have a lot of space to work with! Pocket doors let you maximize your bathroom’s space by getting rid of the swinging door.
  • Aesthetics: Sliding pocket doors for bathrooms offer clean lines and a sense of openness, so your bathroom feels more spacious and inviting.
  • Functionality: A pocket door to your master bathroom can also help you seamlessly connect your ensuite bathroom to your bedroom, walk-in closet, or any space where a traditional door doesn’t make sense.
  • Privacy: Pocket doors obviously offer privacy, but a frosted pocket door for a bathroom can give you that privacy and let in more natural light.
  • Accessibility: For those concerned about accessibility, pocket doors are an excellent choice because of their easy-to-use sliding mechanism and the fact that they provide far more space in a bathroom to move around than a traditional door.

Bathroom Pocket Door Ideas

Okay, so now that you’re convinced that you absolutely need a pocket door for your bathroom, here are some trendy ideas to get you started:

1. Frosted Glass Pocket Door

A frosted glass pocket door for a bathroom is perfect for contemporary bathrooms that have a minimalist look. They let in natural light from outside of your bathroom and can give your bathroom a spa-like feel.

2. Mirror Pocket Door

A mirror pocket door for your bathroom can give the space a really glamorous and chic look. They also reflect light, so you can make your small space feel bigger! Plus, they function as a full-length mirror, making getting ready in your bathroom a cinch!

3. Modern Pocket Doors

A modern bathroom pocket door is a fantastic way to add simplicity and sophistication to your bathroom. Imagine pairing this with a Scandinavian or mid-century modern look! They have a clean, uncluttered appearance and, honestly, they can complement any design style.

4. Small Bathroom Pocket Door

If you have a smaller doorway, then you’ll need a small pocket door for your bathroom. Luckily, they come in a variety of sizes! So if you need a 24-inch pocket door for your bathroom because of a small doorway, you can still take advantage of this awesome door style.

5. Barn Door Pocket Door

Barn-style pocket doors are awesome for homes with a rustic or farmhouse aesthetic. They definitely add a touch of country charm and a create a super cozy atmosphere.

6. Industrial Pocket Door

Industrial-looking pocket doors suit loft-style bathrooms that have features like exposed brick wall and concrete floors – or bathrooms with black and iron fixtures. Their metal frames and glass panels do the perfect job of enhancing an urban/warehouse-inspired look!

7. Wooden Pocket Door

Wooden pocket doors are versatile and pair well with bathrooms that have a natural look. The texture adds an earthy warmth to the space, which can make it feel like a tranquil retreat in the woods.

8. Colored Pocket Door

Pocket doors are a great way to add a splash of color to your bathroom and your home! They also fit in nicely with a boho or eclectic decor by adding vibrancy against a neutral backdrop.

9. Artistic Pocket Door

If you really want to express your creative side, you can always have a pocket door customized with artwork or a mural. Paint it yourself or have someone use the door as a canvas for self-expression. This would go great with an eclectic or artsy decor theme!

10. Vintage Pocket Door

Vintage-inspired pocket doors for a bathroom entrance with intricate designs are perfect for decors that are vintage themselves or even shabby chic. I love this nostalgic charm!

11. Organic Pocket Door

Pocket doors made of organic materials like bamboo or rattan are a natural fit for a bathroom with a boho or tropical style. You can bring a touch of the outdoors to your bathroom and create a relaxed and inviting atmophere.

12. Wallpaper Pocket Door

Wallpaper pocket doors are a creative way to infuse pattern and personality into your bathroom. You can choose wallpaper that complements your style and stick it to a plain pocket door. Bam! You have a super cool design!

13. Chalkboard Pocket Door

If you’re looking for a playful and functional twist, you can also do a chalkboard pocket door. You can leave messages, draw art, or use the chalkboard to keep track of daily to-dos. All you need to do is paint an existing pocket door with chalkboard paint, and you’re good to go!

Are Pocket Doors Easy to Install?

Okay, so pocket doors are as easy to install as a shelf, but it’s also not a complex and time-consuming process.

With the right tools and some basic DIY skills, you can install your own bathroom pocket door.

But just keep in mind that how easy the installation is depends on your home. For example, installing a pocket door is easier when you’re building a new home or during a renovation when the wall is already open.

Fitting a pocket door into an existing wall can be tricky, so when in doubt, talk to a professional, ‘kay?

I’d hate to see you destroy your wall!

You also need some specialized tools and materials, like a pocket door frame kit, framing lumber, drywall, and finishing materials.

But most kits will come with detailed instructions to guide you through the entire process!

Just don’t bite off more than you can chew when it comes to installing a pocket door in your bathroom. When it doubt, ask for help!

Pocket Door Alternatives for the Bathroom

So if installing a pocket door sounds like a huge pain, you can always go for a beautiful alternative!

What I love about these other options is that you don’t have to worry about cutting into your wall or pocket door sizes for bathrooms. You just install it over your bathroom entrance, and ta-da!

(Just keep in mind that you do need enough clearance on one side of the doorway for the door to slide open!)

Anyway, here are some alternatives to consider:

  • Barn Doors: Barn doors are all the rage in the world of home decor, so why not have one for your bathroom? The door hangs from a track on the wall and slides to cover the entrance, adding a touch of farmhouse chic to your bathroom!
  • Sliding Doors: Just like barn doors, sliding doors work on a track but they don’t necessarily have a rustic design. They come in a huge range of styles, so you’re guaranteed to find one that matches your decor.
  • Pivot Doors: No, we’re not trying to move a door up a staircase! A pivot door is hinged at one point on the top or bottom of the door frame and then swings open like a traditional door. While they don’t take up less room than a normal door, they have a cool and unique design.
  • Folding Doors: Folding doors, or accordion doors, are made of multiple panels that fold open like an, well, accordion! They are great for smaller doorways and bathrooms since they only take up space to the side of the doorway.
  • Bi-Fold Doors: If said “closet doors,” then you know exactly what a bi-fold door is! These two-paneled doors fold in the middle and are attached to a track, so they are a great space saving option for bathrooms with limiting door-swing space.
  • Curtains: Curtains as doors are an awesome way to separate your bathroom from the rest of your home. There are so many different varieties of fabrics, textures, and colors out there that you can really create an eye-catching door for your bathroom. This is a great idea, too, if you are looking for a temporary door.
  • Shoji Screens: Another super unique alternative to pocket doors is a shoji screen. These beautifully printed screens are made of translucent paper or fabric and can definitely add a serene and elegant touch to your home!

Pocket Door FAQs

Still have questions about pocket doors? I have answers!

  • Are pocket doors easy to take care of? They are low maintenance, but you do need to regularly clean the track and lube any moving parts to keep it working smoothly.
  • Do pocket doors for bathrooms lock? Yes! Your pocket door will lock for your bathroom. You can install a locking mechanism to ensure your privacy.
  • What is the standard pocket door size for a bathroom? Pocket door sizes for bathroom can vary, but the sizes are typically 24, 28, 30, and 32 inches, with a height of 80 inches. But pocket doors can be customized to fit your bathroom doorway if you have a weird size.

Opening the (Pocket) Door to Style and Decor!

There you have it! Pocket doors are more than just a functional piece of wood – they are a design statement that can transform your bathroom into a trendy and stylish space.

So keep these trendy bathroom pocket door styles in mind when you are designing your inviting and chic retreat!