13 Stunning Rustic Office Decor Ideas That Will Transform Your Workspace Instantly

Whenever I can, I always take a look on Instagram or Pinterest new ways to decorate my home office.

And right now, it’s all about that rustic look.

Bring on the rustic office decor RIGHT NOW!

I don’t know about you, but once the weather gets cold and the leaves start to turn, all I can think about is PSL and transforming my old furniture into something farmhouse chic.

I can use it all over my home for a rustic look for sure.

From a rustic living room, you can’t go wrong by adding some vintage to your office at home!

So let’s check these rustic ideas for your home office.

Rustic Office Decor Ideas

Who says your office has to be all business and no pleasure?

Bring a touch of the countryside to your workday with some rustic office decor ideas.

Think reclaimed wood shelves, vintage leather chairs, and barn doors (minus the farm animals, of course).

Not only will it add some serious style points to your workspace, but it’ll also give you a reason to wear your cowboy boots to work. Yeehaw, office life just got a whole lot more Instagram-worthy.

1. Blue Rustic Charm

You may think that blue is just a color, but let me tell you, it’s the key to unlocking a rustic charm that will have everyone drooling over your home office.

With just a few carefully placed pieces, you can transform that boring space into a calming sanctuary.

Think cozy blankets draped over your chair, a vintage rug under your feet, and some distressed blue accents to add that pop of color that your workspace has been missing.

Suddenly, you’ll be feeling like a boss babe while still maintaining that cozy, rustic vibe that you’re after.

And I can’t get enough of the vintage clock either!

2. Vintage Rustic Home Office

I’m totally OBSESSED with this vintage look!

First off, let’s talk about the vibes.

This office is giving me major chic cabin in the woods meets Joanna Gaines on Fixer Upper.

It’s like if Instagram had a baby with Pinterest and created the ultimate home office aesthetic.

We’re talking weathered wood, and vintage decor galore.

And don’t even get me started on the cozy factor.

You’ll want to snuggle up in this office with a faux fur blanket and your laptop, because it’s just that inviting.

3. Recycle What You Have

Nothing screams “glam” like upcycling, am I right?

So, why spend major bucks on office decor when you can give your space a rustic, eclectic vibe by getting creative with what you have on hand?

Think outside the trash bin, darling – that old mason jar you’ve been using as a pencil holder could be transformed into a Pinterest-worthy centerpiece with a coat of paint and some fresh flowers.

And don’t even get me started on the possibilities of repurposing old doors, vintage shutters, or weathered mirrors. Trust me – recycling what you have never looked so chic.

4. Farmhouse Desk

Okay, let’s be real, if we’re going for a rustic office look, we can’t just be slapping any old desk in there.

We need something Instagram worthy, something that screams “I drink my coffee black and my aesthetic game is strong.”

That’s why the farmhouse desk is what will make it happen.

With its weathered wood and charmingly rustic design, this desk is like the poster child for #cottagecore.

It’s the kind of desk that makes you want to curl up with a good book and a steaming mug of tea.

Just add a few plants and a big ol’ rustic letter on the wall, and you’ll have the office of your dreams

5. Rustic Wicker Chair

A rustic wicker chair is the perfect way to bring some natural charm to your workspace.

You’re sipping on your green juice, tapping away on your laptop, and feeling oh-so-cozy sitting in your woven throne.

Trust me, this chair is like a golden selfie light for your office.

6. Rustic Command Center

Ugh! I’m sick and tired of staring at my cluttered and chaotic work space in my home office.

Paper everywhere, bills and grocery lists and to-do lists clutter my office desk.

Well, when I was on Pinterest I found this: a rustic command center.

This is just what I need to bring some much needed organization and style to my work space.

And, if you are the same, you need this too!

With plenty of shelf space, hooks for hanging files, and a chalkboard for those daily to-do lists, your work life is about to get a serious upgrade.

You can use this white rustic cork board to get this look.

While this cork board is a little thin, make sure to get smaller push pins like these. But overall, it’s a sturdy cork board that you can use for your paper!

Plus, who doesn’t want to feel like a boss as they tackle their daily tasks with ease?

7. Relaxing Home Office

Who says you can’t have relaxation when you’re working from home?

You deserve a home office that’s not just stylish and functional, but also chill and cozy like a spa day with your girls.

Invest in a plushy chair that can hug your curves (or lack thereof), a witty wall art that reminds you to not take life too seriously, and a Himalayan salt lamp that’s basically a mood-setter on its own.

Add some calming scents to ease your anxiety while typing away your to-do list, and voila!

You just created a personal sanctuary where you can work hard and maybe even take a cat nap.

9. Vintage Office Accessories

Say goodbye to boring, mundane office spaces and hello to a rustic paradise with these vintage office accessories.

Don’t settle for ordinary when you can add personality and flair to your workplace.

Give your desk the makeover it deserves with a vintage desk lamp, and a chic boho chandelier that looks like it was plucked straight from your grandma’s attic.

Now you can channel your inner Kylie Jenner and work from a space that’s just as stylish as you are.

Who knows, these accessories might even inspire you to take on that daunting presentation with a little extra confidence and sass.

DIY Rustic Decor Ideas

I’ve got all the DIY rustic decor ideas you need to transform your pad into the ultimate cozy paradise.

From reclaimed wood shelves to mason jar votive holders, you can create a rustic ambience without breaking the bank.

I mean, who needs to spend a fortune on store-bought decorations when you can unleash your inner creativity and make your own?

Plus, there’s nothing quite like the satisfaction of knowing that you crafted a unique piece yourself.

So let’s get crafty, y’all! hair toss

10. Antique Window Frame

I LOVE this rustic office idea!

Who says you need to break the bank to give your home office that vintage touch?

With just a few materials and minimal effort, you can transform an ordinary window frame into a charming antique piece that will make your workspace feel like a cozy retreat.

Plus, this DIY project is a fabulous way to unleash your inner creativity and add a personal touch to your home decor.

So get those crafty hands ready, and let’s revamp that home office space!

11. Rustic Centrepiece

Who says you CAN’T put a centrepiece in your home office?

It’s the prefect way to end your day and add some pizzazz to your day.

Whether you’re crunching numbers or creating content, this centrepiece is sure to bring a touch of charm to your workspace.

Not to mention, it’s a surefire way to impress your colleagues during your next Zoom meeting.

12. DIY Wood Riser

Create the classic farmhouse rustic decor design with these cute wooden risers.

They are a cinch to DIY and you can use them for your vases and candles on your office desk.

13. DIY Floating Shelf

You’re all about that #plantlife, am I right?

But let’s be real, your home office can’t handle all those pots taking up precious desk space.

Not only will you free up some work area with this cute DIY project, but you’ll also give your greenery the attention they deserve – I mean, they’re not called air plants for nothing.

Plus, you’ll get major props from all your Zoom colleagues when they see your stylish and efficient setup.

Get Your Rustic Chic Design On!

I don’t know about you, but I want every room of my place rustic-fied!

From my living room to my bathroom and more, I want all the farmhouse decor I can grab my hands on!

I hope you enjoyed these ideas. Follow me on Pinterest for more home decor, organizing and cleaning advice!