50 Stunning Summer Mantle Decor Ideas for 2024

I have a corner fireplace and all I ever do with it is toss mail and flyers on it because it’s convenient.

But, I’m trying to do better and transform my home into a sanctuary.

From a chic boho style to Mediterranean interior design to now some summer decor, I need to revamp my mantle with more style.

So, here comes some summer mantle decor that I desperately need.

Hopefully, by the time I’m done, my corner fireplace will be transformed from a cluttered catch-all into a stylish focal point that radiates summer vibes.

It’s all about creating a space that feels both cozy and chic, perfect for enjoying those warm, lazy summer days.

If you are with me and want some summer fireplace decor then check out these ideas.

Summer Fireplace Decor

Even though fireplaces scream cozy winter vibes, they can totally work as a summer centerpiece too.

That’s what I’m planning at least.

With just a few tweaks, you can turn your fireplace into a summer focal point that brings all the bright and breezy feels.

So, let’s dive into some dope tips to make your fireplace pop this season and give your home those ultimate summer vibes.

Get Ready for Summer

When it’s time to decorate for summer, you need to lighten everything up, include natural elements and try some coastal or mediterranean themes too.

Lighten Up: I like to swap out any heavy or dark-colored decor for lighter, brighter pieces.

Think whites, pastels, and vibrant colors to reflect the summer season.

Incorporate Natural Elements: I also bring in elements like driftwood, seashells, and pebbles to create a beachy vibe. These can be displayed in glass vases or simply scattered along the mantle.

Add Greenery: Use indoor plants and flowers to add life and color. It’s an easy way to dress up your mantle for summer.

Succulents, ferns, or a vase of fresh summer blooms can make a big impact. Faux greenery is also a great option if you prefer low maintenance.

Use Coastal and Nautical Themes: Incorporate decor items such as anchors, starfish, and lighthouse models. This is an easy fix to turn your drab winter mantle into a bright and sunny mantle!

A piece of framed coastal art or a beach-themed print can also set the tone.

Incorporate Candles and Lanterns: Use candles and lanterns to add a warm, inviting glow to your mantle.

Opt for candles in summery scents like coconut, citrus, or sea breeze.

Utilize Mirrors: A mirror above the fireplace can reflect light and make the room feel larger and brighter. Choose a mirror with a light or natural frame for a summery feel.

Decorate with Summer Colors: Use decor items in summer colors like turquoise, coral, yellow, and green. These colors can be incorporated through vases, picture frames, and other decorative accents.

Add Personal Touches: Incorporate personal items that remind you of summer, like vacation photos in beach-themed frames or souvenirs from past trips.

Use Seasonal Textiles: Drape a light, summery scarf or fabric over the mantle.

You can also add summer-themed pillows to nearby seating areas to tie everything together.

Create a Focal Point: Choose one or two standout pieces, such as a large piece of art or a decorative vase, to serve as the focal point of your mantle decor.

Layer Decor Items: Layer different items for a more dynamic look.

Start with larger items in the back and smaller pieces in the front to create depth and interest.

Incorporate Beach Finds: Display items like sea glass, coral, and small pieces of driftwood. These natural elements can add texture and a coastal touch to your mantle.

Use Glass and Transparent Elements: Glass vases, jars, and candle holders can create an airy, open feel. Fill them with sand, shells, or even fairy lights for added charm.

Highlight Fresh Flowers: Use vases of fresh flowers to bring color and fragrance to your fireplace. Sunflowers, daisies, and other bright blooms are perfect for summer.

Keep It Simple: Don’t overcrowd the mantle.

A few well-chosen pieces can be more effective than a cluttered look. Aim for a balanced and harmonious arrangement.

Summer Mantel Decorating Ideas

Let’s get some inspo and check out the trending mantel decorating ideas for this summer.

1. Incorporate Fresh Nautical Feeling

I can’t get enough of this nautical, by the beach theme for my mantel.

Toss some starfish, lanterns, and a boat centerpiece and you have the summer mantel you want!

2. Include Mediterranean Interior Design

Mediterranean decor is all about creating a serene moment and this is exactly what this summer mantel is doing for me.

Soft buds in white vases and a beautiful ocean setting painting.

Pair with your white mantel and you have an Insta-worthy pic!

3. Add a Pop of Yellow

Yellow screams summer, doesn’t it?

Why not dress up your mantel for summer with some pops of yellow then?

In a white pitcher, add some yellow flowers or goldenrods to create a serene and farmhouse feel.

4. Include a Sign

I love this for and some easy summer mantel decorating ideas.

Using sign art to place on our mantel with some candle sticks and vases of summer flowers makes a great first impression.

You can make it more rustic by adding an old window frame too!

5. Opt for a Farmhouse Mantel Window Frame

Window frames are a popular way to dress up a mantel for summer.

It’s a bit farmhouse decor mixed with rustic elements too.

I also like the simplistic and minimalist black and white picture of a run down cabin.

6. Refreshing Feeling with a Summer Wreath

Summer wreathes are really a thing this summer and I’m for it!

This simple one uses leaves to make a wreath for your mantel.

7. Use Succulents for Some Greenery

I love my low light house plants!

Succulents are also an easy plant that isn’t easy to kill either!


If you don’t have the budget to buy extra mantel decor for summer, just dress it up with your succulent plants you have around the house!

Add some pictures and there ya go.

8. Use a Large Landscape Painting to Set the Mood

I found the perfect way to create an amazing summer mantel is to use a big landscape painting as the focal point.

I prefer a muted landscape but whether you like yours with a pop of color, make sure to dress it up with some green plants in vases.

9. Add a Flower Painting Instead

And if a landscape painting isn’t your thing, then go with a flower painting instead!

Make it bright and airy or dark and moody, but have fun decorating your mantel for summer!

10. Use Bright White Flowers for a Summer Feel

Compliment your living room decor with adding natural elements like big white flowers.

I love anything white (of course) and these white flowers in simple vases are perfect for my corner mantel!

11. Use a Mirror for a Focal Point

If your mantel is large or deep enough, try adding a mirror.

This will instantly make your living room appear larger than it is and makes for some good photo ops too!

12. Use a Leafy Garland

Garland doesn’t mean it’s just for the winter holidays!

You can use green garland for your summer mantel too!

Add ferns, hosta leaves and other summer plants for your garland.

13. Add Cute Vases With Single Flowers

I love the look of this summer mantel.

The summer wreath says it all!

And don’t get me started on the individual vases too!

Chic and stylish.

14. Make a Lemon Summer Mantel! Beautiful

For another way to add a pop of color, try adding fruit like lemons!

They can be real or fake, but have fun dressing up your mantel with lemons.

15. Add Ferns and More Ferns

Ferns really scream summer so why not use it for your mantel decor?

I like how this decorating idea makes it almost tropical feeling!

16. Use a Big Wooden Letter

Extra large wood letters are a big trend for your summer mantel.

Elevate this look with a mirror and tall candlesticks too.

17. Create a Modern Summer Mantel Look

For a classic and modern look for your mantel, add timeless pieces like a drawing and ceramic vases with vines.

Pick drawings that are muted or match the decor of your living room.

18. Use Four Pictures to Mix It Up

Change it up and use four pictures instead of a mirror or window frame.

I personally love this set of four minimalist leaves picture frames.

It goes with practically any decor you have!

19. Add a Rustic Clock

I LIVE for rustic clocks.

I have on in my backyard and I want one for my living room.

They can immediately set the tone of your room and it’s alway nice to know the time any time of the day!

20. Use Minimal Items

And if all else fails, just stick with minimal items for your summer mantel decorating!

Use one vase, one painting and one mirror and there ya go!

Themed Summer Mantel Ideas

Let’s check out themed ideas for your summer mantel.

You never know, you may find one or two or three you like!

Eclectic Summer Mantels

Boho Inspired Summer Mantel Ideas

Mediterranean Interior Design Mantel Ideas

Summer Mantel Ideas For You

I hope you found the perfect mantel idea for you this summer.

I know I did for my corner fireplace!

I love the rustic clock and some muted drawings and maybe a wooden letter too!

Ooo! I can’t wait to makeover my fireplace mantel!

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