65 Boho Art Painting Ideas for Your Bohemian Home

I’m in love with everything boho.


I’m working towards having a boho home and part of that is of course, having some boho art painting to a long with it.

So, I’ve been on the hunt for the perfect boho art drawings.

Think earthy tones, dreamy vibes, and that effortless chic look.

I’m also wanting wall hangings, easy canvas paintings, and even some DIY projects to add a personal touch.

Can’t wait to see it all come together and live my best boho life.

So, if you want some boho art to fill your living room or bedroom or even your bathroom, check out these ideas.

Boho Art Drawings

If you’re all about that chill, artsy vibe, then boho art drawings are where it’s at.

I’m loving this muted color with leaves boho drawing.

We’re talking effortless, free-spirited sketches that bring all the earthy, dreamy feels straight to your walls.

Whether it’s whimsical doodles, nature-inspired designs, or intricate tribal patterns, these drawings are the ultimate way to vibe up your space.

Let’s check them out!

1. Bright Colors and Leaf

Check out this boho art canvas with bright colors and black leaves!

It’s the perfect blend of vibrant energy and earthy vibes, adding a striking, free-spirited touch to any room. Instant boho magic!

2. Trio of Boho Art

I LOVE this trio boho art painting.

This stunning three-piece boho art display is in neutral colors and I love!

Each canvas features intricate patterns and delicate textures, creating a harmonious and calming vibe.

Perfect for adding a subtle, earthy touch, this set effortlessly enhances your boho decor with its understated elegance and natural charm.

3. Bohemian Painting

This boho canvas painting in neutral colors is a true gem!

Featuring intricate patterns and delicate textures, it brings a serene and calming vibe to any space.

Ideal for adding a subtle, earthy touch, this piece enhances your boho decor with its understated elegance and natural charm.

4. Boho Sunset

This boho sunset is perfect for your bedroom or above your boho couch.

Check out this mesmerizing three-piece boho art set depicting a sunset!

Each canvas captures the breathtaking transition of colors from warm oranges and pinks to deep purples and blues.

You can use this for adding a serene, dreamy touch to your space, this set beautifully enhances your boho decor with its captivating sunset scene.

5. Pretty Flowers

This boho canvas painting bursts with bold colors, featuring a striking black outline of a flower.

The vibrant hues and dramatic contrast create a captivating focal point, adding a lively, free-spirited touch to any room. Perfect for enhancing boho decor!

6. Bold Colors

This abstract boho drawing showcases a vibrant mix of colors and intricate designs, creating a mesmerizing and dynamic piece.

The blend of bold hues and fluid patterns adds a lively, free-spirited touch to any space, perfectly capturing the essence of boho artistry.

7. Minimalist Boho Drawing

Now this resonates with me too!

I’m more for the muted colors and what’s more muted than neutral boho?

These minimalist boho drawings are perfect for adding a subtle, sophisticated touch to any space.

Their understated elegance and delicate details bring a calming, free-spirited vibe that enhances your decor effortlessly.

8. Boho Cactus

This cute boho cactus in pink is an absolute charmer!

With its whimsical design and vibrant pink hues, it adds a playful, free-spirited touch to any space.

Love how they can bring a splash of color and boho vibes to your decor.

9. Boho Sunflowers

These sunflowers in pink are a delightful twist on a classic!

The vibrant pink petals bring a playful, boho vibe, adding a cheerful and lively touch to any space.

These whimsical flowers blend elegance and fun, creating a stunning focal point.

10. Boho Gin

How cute is this?

With intricate details and earthy bright tones, it captures a free-spirited, artisanal vibe.

Perfect for adding character to any space, this artwork blends creativity and elegance, making it a unique focal point.

Boho Easy Paintings

If you are creative and want to try your hand at these boho art drawing, then try these easy canvas painting ideas.

These simple, stunning pieces are perfect for anyone to create, even if mad art skills aren’t in the cards.

Imagine dreamy colors, abstract designs, and all the chill, free-spirited feels.

They’re perfect for adding that effortless boho touch to my home.

So, I’m grabbing my paintbrushes and perhaps try this with some wine!

11. Plants and Circles

Create your own DIY boho canvas art with circles and plants!

This project blends earthy vibes and geometric shapes, adding a unique, personalized touch to any space. Perfect for a creative and serene decor.

12. Mountain Sunset

This looks like an easy canvas painting!

Craft your own boho drawing of a mountain sunset!

This DIY project combines serene landscapes with vibrant hues, capturing a peaceful, free-spirited vibe.

Ideal for adding a touch of natural beauty and personal flair to your space.

13. Paint By Number Boho

Live like a kid again with this paint by number boho flower painting.

You can’t get easier then this for sure.

I love the realistic feel this boho painting has!

14. Spanish Boho Canvas Art

This fusion captures vibrant colors, intricate patterns, and a free-spirited essence.

Add a lively, cultural touch to your decor, it brings warmth and artistic flair to any space.

15. Easy Paintings Here

Try creating a DIY mountain and sunset art piece!

With simple steps, capture the serene beauty of mountains against a colorful sunset.

This project is perfect for beginners, adding a calming and picturesque touch to your home decor.

16. Boho Vases

Enhance your space with boho vases and plants!

Their earthy tones and eclectic designs create a vibrant, free-spirited atmosphere. Perfect for adding a natural and stylish touch to any room.

17. Cute Boho Desert

This cute boho desert art features whimsical cacti and earthy tones, creating a charming, free-spirited vibe. Perfect for adding a playful touch to your decor.

18. Purple Flower

This fun boho flower art in purple has vibrant hues and intricate details, adding a whimsical, free-spirited touch to any space. It’s great for brightening up your living room or even bathroom.

19. Simple Boho Painting

Create a simple boho painting with earthy tones and abstract designs.

This easy project adds a relaxed, free-spirited touch to any room, perfect for enhancing your decor with minimalist boho vibes.

20. Boho Sun

Paint your own boho sun! Embrace vibrant colors and whimsical patterns, creating a radiant, free-spirited piece.

This DIY project adds warmth and charm to your space, perfect for infusing your home with positive boho vibes

Abstract Paintings

Abstract boho paintings are where it’s at.

With dreamy colors, wild shapes, and that effortless, free-spirited feel, these pieces are a must-have.

Perfect for bringing a touch of boho magic to any room, these paintings add an eclectic, modern twist to your decor.

Whether you’re a seasoned artist or just want to vibe up your walls, abstract boho paintings are the answer.

21. Abstract Colors

Decorate with a boho art thats all abstract colors and shapes!

This vibrant piece uses dynamic patterns and hues to create a unique, free-spirited touch. Perfect for adding bold, artistic flair to your decor, radiating boho vibes.

22. Green Boho Painting

Don’t you just love these boho abstract drawings?

This piece features lush, earthy tones and intricate designs, creating a serene, natural vibe.

This is great for adding a calming, free-spirited touch to any room, it beautifully complements your boho decor.

23. Abstract Flowers

Hang abstract boho flowers in your living room!

These vibrant, free-spirited pieces add a burst of color and creativity, transforming your space into a boho haven.

You can create an artistic, lively atmosphere that reflects your unique style.

24. Gold Abstract

Spend the time creating this abstract boho art with gold lines!

The mix of earthy tones and shimmering gold accents adds elegance and warmth. This piece adds a unique, artistic flair to your space, reflecting your free-spirited style.

25. Intricate Eye

Look at this beautiful boho art. It’s an intricate eye with detailed patterns and vibrant colors.

The mesmerizing design adds a touch of mystique and creativity to your space, embodying the free-spirited essence of boho style.

26. Boho Girl

This is beautiful! A boho art piece of a girl with intricate patterns and vibrant colors.

Her serene expression and flowing design capture the free-spirited essence of boho style, adding a touch of elegance and creativity to your space.

27. Natural Boho

Wow! Bright and bold abstract boho art here!

The vibrant colors and dynamic shapes create an eye-catching piece that radiates energy and creativity. Perfect for adding a lively, free-spirited touch to any space.

28. Abstract Flowers and Colors

These colorful abstract flowers burst with vibrant hues and dynamic shapes, creating an eye-catching piece that radiates energy and creativity. Ideal for adding a lively, free-spirited touch to any space

29. More Abstract Flowers

Add more abstract flowers to decorate your boho home with vibrant hues and dynamic shapes. These pieces bring energy and creativity, perfect for enhancing the free-spirited vibe of your space.

30. Neutral Colors

Check out this stunning set of four boho art pieces in neutral colors!

Each artwork features intricate designs and earthy tones, creating a harmonious and calming vibe.

Ideal for adding a subtle, sophisticated touch to your space, enhancing the boho aesthetic beautifully

35 Boho Painting Ideas for More Inspiration

Boho painting ideas are here to ignite our creativity!

Think dreamy colors, abstract designs, and nature-inspired scenes—something for every creative soul.

Ideal for adding that effortless, free-spirited feel to our space.

So, let’s just out even more wonderful boho painting ideas to get your creative juices flowing.

Easy and Simple Boho Art Drawings for You

I hope you found the perfect boho painting idea for your next home decor project!

Whether you want to buy it or DIY it, boho is the way to go!

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