17 Wonderful Spring Wreath Ideas (DIY and Budget-Friendly)

Spring is here!

I love spring but my allergies doesn’t! At least I can take an antihistamine!

What I love most about spring is the warm weather and the cute and beautiful spring wreathes I see everywhere in my neighborhood.

I love using wreaths to celebrate the season, not just Christmas. You can absolutely have fall wreaths, summer wreaths, and spring wreaths!

Not sure how to make a wreath?

The good news is you don’t have to be a seasoned crafter to make an amazing spring wreath.

Check out these ideas plus some DIY tips below:

Spring Wreath Ideas

With spring just around the corner, it’s the perfect time to freshen up your home with some beautiful wreath ideas.

I’m all about adding a splash of color and life to my space, and what better way to do that than with a gorgeous spring wreath?

Here are some of my absolute faves:

1. Tulip Swag

I couldn’t give you spring wreath ideas without tulips!

Welcome spring into your home with this charming pink and white tulip swag, accented with fresh greenery and topped off with a rustic burlap bow.

Hang it on your door for an instant burst of springtime cheer!

2. Lamb’s Ear and Tulips

I absolutely love the classic round wreath, especially one that features lamb’s ear, vibrant pink tulips, and accents of white berries.

This wreath brings a touch of elegance to any entryway or wall.

3. Spring Flowers and Butterflies

A wreath decorated with delicate white and yellow florals with fluttering butterflies can really capture the feeling of spring.

Hang it on your porch and watch as it brings smiles to everyone who passes by!

4. Spring Carrot

Get creative with your decor this season with a whimsical “carrot” wreath!

Such a cute idea too!

It’s made from vibrant orange tulips suspended in a playful carrot shape, complete with lush greenery at the top for a charming stem.

5. Juicy Lemon

Add a pop of sunshine to your space with a cheerful wreath bursting with vibrant greenery and zesty lemons.

It’s perfect for brightening up your front door after a long winter.

6. Umbrella Bouquet

Welcome spring with a burst of color!

Decorate your door with a wreath featuring red, pink, and white tulips nestled in a folded umbrella.

It’s a fun and unique way to embrace the season’s blooms.

7. Easter Eggs

When you’re decorating for spring, don’t forget about Easter!

This charming grapevine wreath is decorated with greenery, speckled eggs, and a playful bunny at the center.

This whimsical touch brings the joy of the season right to your doorstep.

8. Simple Spring Hoop Wreath

How cute is a simple spring hoop wreath?

This simple yet stunning hoop wreath uses a variety of fresh spring flowers.

I absolutely love this minimalist look (and it would be super easy to make, too!).

9. Blossom Cotton Ball Wreath

Bring a touch of rustic charm to your door with a traditional wreath decorated with blossoms, cotton balls, and a burlap bow.

There’s something about the pinks and ivories that just look so elegant, right?

10. Bucket of Flowers

Add a pop of color and texture to your doorstep with a unique metal bucket wreath filled with vibrant tulips.

The metal bucket adds a really cool industrial-chic flair, contrasting beautifully with the delicate tulips.

11. Bunny Wreath

I love this grapevine wreath shaped like a bunny and decorated with delicate spring blossoms.

And check out that bow in the middle – how cute! The bunny shape adds a playful touch, making it an adorable addition to your Easter decor.

12. Frame Wreath

You can turn a vintage picture frame into a spring masterpiece.

With some creativity and springtime charm, it showcases a small cluster of fresh flowers nestled in one corner. The vintage frame adds a touch of nostalgia.

13. Sun Hat Wreath

Check out this unique twist on traditional wreaths – a sun hat decorated with a burst of colorful blooms. This would be super easy to make and give off some vibrant and cheerful energy!

14. Rain Boot Wreath

Here’s another unique spring wreath – a pair of child’s rain boots hung by a cheerful yellow ribbon filled with lively spring blooms. This would also be easy to make. Speaking of which, let’s talk about how to DIY a spring wreath!

15. Bead and Floral Wreath

How posh is this spring wreath?

I am OBSESSED with this.

And you know what’s up? It’s simple to make too.

You need a bead wreath and some beautiful pinecones, and spring twigs and leaves.

16. Faux Cherry Blossom Wreath

Doesn’t this just look smashing against your front door?

This cherry blossom door hanger is TO.DIE.FOR.

And this spring wreath is also simple to make.

Get some faux cherry blossoms and a foam wreath and some ribbon and you can make this!

17. Country Basket

I know my twins would eat this spring/Easter wreath up!

How adorbs is this?

Get a door basket like this one and some cute Easter bunnies and carrots with some ivy and there ya go!

How to DIY a Spring Wreath

Making your own wreath is easier than you think! Here are the simple steps to follow to make a wonderful spring wreath for your home:

Step 1: Gather Your Materials

When it comes to the materials you need, you don’t need a whole lot to make a spring wreath for your front door!

Here are the basics:

Lay everything out on a clean work surface, and make sure you have enough flowers and greenery to cover your wreath base.

Step 2: Prep Your Wreath Base

If you’re using a traditional grapevine wreath, it’s pretty much ready to go.

If you’re using a foam wreath form, you can leave it as is or wrap it with ribbon or twine for a decorative touch.

Step 3: Trim Your Blooms and Greenery

Use your wire cutters to trim the stems of your flowers and greenery.

Just make sure you leave enough stem to attach everything firmly to your wreath base.

Step 4: Arrange Your Design

Before you commit your flowers and greenery to the wreath base, lay everything out to plan your design.

Try out different arrangements until something catches your eye!

Step 5: Attach Flowers and Greenery

Now you can start attaching the flowers and greenery to the wreath base.

You can use floral wire to secure them in place or hot glue for a quick DIY.

If you’re going to use a glue gun, apply the glue sparingly to avoid those weird glue strings. And be careful not to burn yourself!

Step 6: Fill in the Gaps

As you’re attaching flowers and greenery, make sure to fill in any gaps to create a full and balanced look.

You can layer your materials to add some dimension and depth to your wreath.

Step 7: Add Embellisments

While this step is completely optional, you can get really fancy by adding embellishments to your wreath!

Just look at some of the ideas above—Easter eggs, butterflies, bunnies, bows, etc.

Step 8: Hang Your Creation!

Once you’re happy with your creation, attach some ribbon or twine to the top and hang it for the world to see. Step back and admire your handiwork!

What Flowers Are Popular for Spring?

When it comes to picking the perfect flowers for your spring wreath, consider ones that are in season, like tulips, daffodils, peonies, and lilies.

And when you’re buying artificial flowers, you can grab these beauties any time of year!

Here are some of my favorite spring flowers that are super popular for wreaths and what they mean:

  • Tulips: Tulips are vibrant spring flowers with cup-shaped blooms available in a wide range of colors, including pink, red, yellow, purple, and white.
  • Daffodils: Daffodils, also known as narcissus, feature trumpet-shaped blooms in shades of yellow, white, and orange. They symbolize renewal and new beginnings.
  • Hyacinths: Hyacinths are highly fragrant spring flowers with dense clusters of small, bell-shaped blooms. They come in different colors, like blue, pink, purple, and white.
  • Lilacs: Lilacs are fragrant flowers known for their clusters of tiny, delicate blossoms in shades of purple, pink, blue, and white. They symbolize love and are perfect for adding a romantic touch to wreaths.
  • Peonies: Peonies are lush, full-bodied flowers with large, ruffled blooms that come in shades of pink, white, red, and coral. They represent prosperity, romance, and good fortune.
  • Cherry Blossoms: Cherry blossoms are delicate flowers with pale pink or white petals. They symbolize the transient beauty of life and are often associated with the arrival of spring.
  • Lily of the Valley: Lily of the Valley is a fragrant, bell-shaped flower that blooms in white or pale pink clusters. It represents purity and humility and adds an elegant touch to spring wreaths.
  • Pansies: Pansies are charming flowers with “faces” in shades of purple, yellow, orange, blue, and white. They’re resilient and bloom throughout the spring, making them popular choices for wreaths.

Which ones are you going to use in your wreath?

Embrace Spring With a Beautiful Wreath

With these wonderful spring wreath ideas, it’s so easy to infuse your home with the beauty and freshness of spring!

Whether you prefer classic florals or something more unique, there’s a wreath that will absolutely perfect on your door.

Buy it or DIY it – it’s up to you! But have fun choosing something that will welcome spring with open arms.

And don’t forget to follow me on Pinterest where I share more home decor and organizing ideas!