24 Best Small Apartment Balcony Ideas for a Cozy & Modern Feel

When you’re living in an apartment, it’s easy to overlook the balcony, especially if it’s on the smaller side.

Over the years I’ve lived in a few apartments and some had balconies and to be honest, I had no idea what to do with them.

Some of them just had no light while others had a beautiful scene.

You might see it as too tiny to be useful, but with a bit of creativity and some smart planning, your small balcony can be transformed into a functional and fabulous space!

Let’s take a look at some small apartment balcony ideas that are simple and easy to pull off.

Apartment Plants for Small Balconies

Turn your small balcony into a mini garden with the right apartment plants. It’s amazing how a few plants can transform a space!

Check out these small balcony ideas for apartment plants and get inspired to create your own green haven:

1. Vertical Garden

A vertical garden is perfect for maximizing your small balcony space. Pick up stackable planters or wall-mounted pots.

For a vintage feel, use reclaimed wood and antique metal hooks, or for a modern look, choose sleek, minimalist planters.

This setup turns your balcony into a beautiful green oasis!

2. Compact Planters

Compact planters are a game-changer for small balconies. Look for narrow, elongated pots or tiered planters that fit snugly along the edges.

For a vintage feel, choose elegant ceramic planters with small fairy lights, weathered terracotta pots, or rustic wooden crates.

You can even mix and match shapes and colors and add macramé hangers for a boho touch!

3. Herb Garden

Who says balcony gardens can’t be functional? You can create a herb garden using small pots or a tiered herb stand to fit tight spaces.

Use sleek, monochrome pots for a modern herb garden or colorful pots with decorative stones or shells for a boho look.

Enjoy fresh herbs at your fingertips while adding a charming green touch!

4. Hanging Plants

Hanging plants free up valuable floor space and are perfect for small balconies. Use sturdy hanging baskets or macramé hangers attached to the ceiling or balcony railing.

For a vintage touch, choose antique-style brass or copper hanging pots or use geometric or clear glass planters for a modern vibe.

Colorful macramé hangers and different trailing plants can create an amazing boho feel.

And you can treat this almost like a corner garden with a little nook to sit and enjoy your apartment balcony.

Closed Balcony Ideas for Apartments

Have you ever considered turning your balcony into a cozy enclosed space?

here are so many cool small closed balcony ideas for apartments that can make your balcony usable all year round!

Check out these small enclosed balcony ideas for your apartment:

5. Cozy Reading Nook

Create a cozy reading nook on your closed balcony with a comfy chair or cushioned bench, soft throw pillows, and a small side table for your tea or coffee.

Add an antique lamp and classic books for a vintage touch, sleek furniture, and a geometric rug for a modern vibe, or vibrant textiles and hanging plants for a boho look.

6. Art Studio

Turn your small enclosed balcony into an art studio for inspiration in a compact space. Set up a small easel, a rolling cart for supplies, and a foldable chair.

Use a rustic wooden easel and antique jars for a vintage feel or eclectic patterns and plants for a boho vibe. This is perfect if you’re in need of a creative corner.

7. Exercise Area

You can even make your small enclosed balcony an exercise area!

Get a yoga mat, free weights, and resistance bands. For a vintage feel, add retro posters and an old-school radio or vibrant mats and hanging plants for a boho style.

Make sure you use privacy screens to work out comfortably without prying eyes.

8. Home Office

A small enclosed balcony can also be the perfect home office, offering a quiet place to focus. Set up a compact desk, comfortable chair, and shelves for organization.

Choose a clean-lined desk and contemporary accessories for a modern look or a colorful rug and potted plants for a boho space.

Privacy screens can help reduce distractions while you work (and we’ll talk more about those in a bit!).

DIY Outdoor Spaces for Small Balconies

If you’re a creative type or just budget-savvy, you can always personalize your space with custom furniture and handmade decor.

Take a look at these DIY small balcony ideas for your apartment to add your own unique touch:

9. Pallet Furniture

Repurpose old pallets to create cozy seating for your small balcony. Sand and paint the pallets, then stack them to form a seating area.

Use distressed paint and antique cushions for a vintage touch, sleek monochrome colors for a modern look, or vibrant pillows and a throw blanket for a boho style.

This budget-friendly project maximizes your limited space!

10. Miniature Water Feature

Add some peace and tranquility to your tiny balcony with a miniature water feature. Use a small waterproof container, a pump, and decorative stones.

Rustic buckets are great for a vintage feel, or you can use a sleek black container with smooth white stones for a modern twist.

Adds serenity to your balcony without breaking the bank!

11. DIY Beverage Station

Thirsty? Create a DIY beverage station to entertain in style on your balcony!

Use a small cart or sturdy shelf for drinks and supplies. For a vintage look, incorporate retro glass bottles and a classic ice bucket, or use woven baskets and potted herbs for a boho flair.

A beverage station can turn your outdoor space into a fun, functional spot for relaxing or hosting gatherings.

Extra Small Balcony Solutions for Apartments

Got an extra small balcony? No problem! There are plenty of stylish and clever solutions to make the most of it.

Check out these extra small balcony ideas for your apartment and discover how you can optimize every nook and cranny:

12. Folding Furniture

Folding furniture is essential for an extra small balcony. A compact, foldable table and chair set can be easily stored when not in use.

Choose wrought iron pieces with intricate designs for a vintage touch or sleek metal finishes for a modern look.

These pieces are a great way to transform your space without taking up much room.

13. Compact Dining Set

Turn your tiny balcony into an outdoor café with a compact dining set! Look for a small table with two chairs that nest together when not in use.

A retro bistro set can create a vintage look, while a rattan or bamboo set with eclectic cushions for a boho style.

This setup takes up very little space, leaving enough room for some greenery or even a small apartment grill!

Kid-Friendly Small Apartment Balcony Ideas

If you have kids, you can make your small balcony a fun and safe place for them.

Childproofing and adding playful elements can turn your balcony into a perfect play area!

These small balcony ideas for your apartment and kids are perfect if you want to create a family-friendly space:

14. Safety First!

The first thing you should do is make sure your balcony is safe!

Start by using a sturdy mesh screen or plexiglass on the railings to prevent climbing, and talk to your child about balcony safety.

But no matter how much you child-proof your balcony, you should always supervise them when they’re outside to make sure they stay safe and follow the rules.

15. Play Area

You can turn your small balcony into an amazing outdoor play area with compact toys like stackable blocks, a small sandbox, or a water table.

To give the area a retro feel, choose wooden toys and a play tent (great for shade, too!). If you want to give your kiddos a little boho paradise, set up a cozy teepee with some fairy lights and woven baskets.

Privacy Solutions for Small Apartment Balconies

While having a small outdoor space to enjoy is awesome, it can sometimes feel like you’re hanging out in a fish bowl.

If you are looking for some privacy on your balcony, there are lots of solutions that will allow you to enjoy your space without any prying eyes:

16. Foliage Screens

I love the natural look of foliage screens! You can use tall, dense plants like bamboo or ficus to create a natural barrier.

Or, you can get some plastic greenery and attach it to the railing of your balcony to create some privacy.

Either way, adding some plants can help you enjoy a cozy and secluded spot.

17. Lattice Panels

Lattice panels are an easy and cost-effective way to add some privacy to your balcony without sacrificing style.

You can use wooden or metal lattice panels and train some climbing plants like jasmine or roses to cover them.

If you want a relaxing boho look, you can add fairy lights into the lattice – or go for sleek, geometric decor for a more contemporary vibe.

18. Fabric Panels

If you want a versatile and chic way to create privacy, you can always use fabric panels. Just make sure you choose weather-resistant fabrics!

With fabric panels – a temporary door at times – you can really customize your privacy by using colors and patterns that match your style.

Want a vintage look? Choose floral prints and pastel shades. Ready to rock a boho vibe? Think ethnic prints and vibrant hues with tassels or fringe.

The possibilities are endless!

Space-Saving Small Balcony Storage Ideas

Do you need more storage on your balcony? No worries! There are plenty of space-saving storage ideas that won’t cramp your style.

These small balcony ideas apartment will help you keep things organized and looking good:

19. Storage Benches

Transform your small balcony with storage benches featuring lift-up seats to store cushions, gardening tools, or even a small grill.

Choose distressed wood and floral cushions for a vintage feel, sleek metal finishes and geometric patterns for a modern touch, or colorful textiles and woven baskets for a boho vibe.

20. Vertical Storage

You can also maximize your limited balcony space with vertical storage. Install shelves or hanging planters on the walls to keep things organized without cluttering the floor.

Use antique wall brackets and weathered wood shelves for a vintage look and sleek metal or glass shelves for a modern touch. You can also use macramé plant hangers and eclectic decor pieces for a boho style.

21. Pegboard Wall Organizer

A pegboard wall organizer is perfect for small balcony storage. Mount a pegboard on one wall and use hooks, baskets, and shelves to store garden tools and small decor.

Paint the pegboard pastel and use brass hooks for a vintage twist, stick to monochrome shades and minimalist accessories for a modern look, or add woven baskets and colorful, patterned hooks for a boho feel.

Lighting Tips for Small Apartment Balconies

Brighten up your small balcony with these lighting tips. String lights, lanterns, and more can create a cozy atmosphere so you can enjoy your outdoor space even at night!

These small balcony ideas for your apartment will help you enjoy your outdoor space even after the sun goes down:

22. Overhead Lighting

Cozy overhead lighting, like a chic pendant light or a series of stylish lanterns, can completely transform your balcony space.

You can find ones that plug in, so you don’t have to worry about messing around with electrical!

Edison bulbs with exposed filaments give a vintage vibe, while sleek metallic fixtures add a modern touch.

23. Solar-Powered Lights

Solar-powered lights are eco-friendly and perfect for small balconies. They charge during the day and illuminate your space at night.

Choose solar lanterns with a rustic finish for a vintage feel or sleek, minimalist designs for a modern look.

24. Smart Lights

Upgrade your balcony with smart lights you can control with your smartphone. Color-changing LED bulbs can be adjusted to match your mood or the occasion.

For a boho style, choose smart lights with warm, earthy tones; for a modern aesthetic, opt for crisp, cool colors.

Have Fun With These Small Apartment Balcony Ideas!

No matter the size of your balcony, there are endless ways to make it feel cozy and modern – and a useful part of your home.

With the right approach and a touch of imagination, even the smallest outdoor space can become a charming retreat.

So, get started on transforming your balcony today and enjoy the new, vibrant addition to your living space.

Happy decorating! Make sure to follow me on Pinterest for more home decor, organizing and cleaning tips!