How Often Should You Dust Your House (And What’s the Best Way to Do It)?

If you’re like most people, the answer to the question “how often should you dust your house?” is probably “whenever I get around to it.”

Right? It’s time to binge the latest Netflix show!

And, who has time to dust their house, let alone enjoy dusting? Dusting is just one of those tedious household chores that I bet you dread.

But not dusting would just leave your home dusty, dirty and just overall…not inviting to company.

Ya can’t do that!

Really, though, dusting is actually a passage to adulting!

Yes, I know…moving into your first apartment and congrats, you’re an adult who has to dust your home!

It’s important to start paying MORE attention to the cleanliness of your living space. I know when I first moved into my place, I went weeks and weeks before I cleaned. And that left the place a stinky, no one wants to live here place!

So how often should you be dusting? Let’s get down to business and answer this question you’re probably been thinking.

How Often Should You Dust Your Home?

The answer: aim to dust your house once a week. And I mean ALL of your house, apartment or small place (not just the living room).

This will keep the dust at a manageable level and prevent it from building up too much – especially if you love tech (gamer anyone?).

Electronics absolutely LOVE dust so if you have a high-tech entertainment center, expect to dust more frequently.

And, if you have pets – well, expect more dusting! They can track in dirt and allergens from outside.

Before I get into the different pieces of furniture to dust and how often to dust them, let’s go through the tools you need to dust.

Top Tools and Supplies to Dust Your House

Is a microfiber all you need? Do you need furniture polisher?

You can definitely use a microfiber to dust your entire home, but I found Swifter unscented duster kit to do a superior job!

This set comes with five refills and for regular jobs, that can last at least a year!

Oh yea!

And for hard to reach places to dust (like your ceiling fan), try the Swifter extendable handle.

As for a polisher, you don’t need one for every day dusting.

But, if you don’t dust regularly, the dust can settle and be hard to remove once you start dusting your home.

In that case, get a nice eco-friendly smelling polisher like this one.

If you decide to go that route, then make sure to grab these duster cloths. They are lint-free and resuable!

Don’t forget an old toothbrush (or a new one, I don’t judge) that can be dipped in liquid soap to get into deep crevices and clean off grime that has built up over time.

Toothbrushes with softer bristles are less likely to scratch surfaces, so keep that in mind when you’re shopping around.

Simple Trick to Eliminate Dust in Your House

Ok –

How boring is it to get your duster out and walk all over your house dusting high and low?


So, what’s the best way to eliminate dust in your house?

Stay in your house!

Dust particles are just itty pieces of matter that get tracked in from your shoes and all the pollen and air particles outside coming inside your home (it’s not dead human skin cells!)

Yup! Stay like a hermit crab and camp inside!

But really, this isn’t economical, so what’s the solution?

My trick is two-fold.

First, get a good vacuum with attachments to do all the heavy work.

The one I use (and have two of them) is the Shark Pro cordless stick vacuum.

The top part is removable and you can use an attachment to “dust” your furniture, floor, walls, curtains and pillows even!

Trust me – if you live in a small place, this is all you need for your entire place – carpet or hardwood!

Second – invest in a good air purifier. I use the Winix Air Purifier for my kitchen (when I’m cooking smelly food), my bedroom (to get rid of that sleeping smell) and living room.

My Winix Air Purifer

Since having my Winix (I have two of them), it has drastically reduced the dust in my house.

When COVID-19 hit, we all stayed home (twins did home school) and I purchased my Winix and then another and couldn’t be more happy with the result!

I still dust once a week, but it’s noticeably less dust in places I don’t normally dust (like behind the TV or on bottom shelves).

So, that’s my trick to eliminate dust forever! Well, not forever, but you get the idea!

With all of that out of the way, let’s look at how often to dust items in your house!

How Often Should You Dust Blinds?

For anyone who’s ever had to dust their blinds, you know it’s not the most fun task in the world. But it’s a necessary one if you want to keep your home looking clean and tidy. So how often should you be dusting your blinds?

This depends on a few factors, including how many people live in your home, whether or not you have pets, and how much traffic goes through your home on a daily basis.

If you have kids or pets, chances are your blinds are going to get dirtier, faster. I can attest to that!

And if there’s a lot of foot traffic in and out of your home, that will also contribute to the rate at which dust accumulates on your blinds.

Remember what I said about what dust really is…..

The answer: aim to dust your blinds every two weeks.

But if you find they’re starting to look a little dull before that, give them a quick once-over.

You know, while you’re cooking and waiting for the water to boil, or during after you go to the bathroom.

The good news is that dusting blinds is a fairly quick and easy task that doesn’t require any special equipment or cleaning solutions. All you need are your dusting cloths and some gentle pressure, and your place will look cleaner in a pinch!

How Often Should You Dust Ceiling Fans?

We all know that ceiling fans can get pretty dusty.

But how often should you be dusting them? Similar to your blinds, dust every two to three weeks.

Here’s a step-by-step guide to get your started.

For a job like this you will need a step ladder, your dusting cloths, and some furniture polish. (Optional: If you have allergies, you might also want to wear a dust mask.)

Now, it’s time to start dusting!

Gently run your dust cloth along each blade, making sure to get both sides.

Then, use the furniture polish to give the blades a nice shine. (Be careful not to use too much polish—you don’t want it dripping down onto your head!)

Finally, turn on your ceiling fan to make sure it’s still working properly.

And that’s it! You’ve successfully dusted your ceiling fan.

Now pat yourself on the back and enjoy the fresh air.

How Often Should You Dust Your Furniture?

Since you will be using your furniture more than your blinds or ceiling fans, it’s a good rule of thumb to dust your furniture weekly.

But, we are all busy (and who wants to dust really?), so try for every other week!

Start by using your Swifter cloth to dust all surfaces like your coffee table, end tables, book cases and other big furniture. Pay special attention to nooks and crannies, where most dust accumulates.

Then, don’t forget to dust your electronics!

How Often Should You Dust Window Sills and Windows?

The housework is a never-ending, right?

Sure, you can tidy up here and there, but it always seems like the dirt and dust come back with a vengeance.

One area you might not have thought about (but definitely should) is your windowsills and windows. How often should you be dusting these?

No one likes cleaning windowsills and windows.

It’s a tedious task that requires time and effort on your part.

We recently got new windows for our home and within a few weeks I already noticed dust accumulating.

It’s important to keep on top of this chore for both aesthetic and health reasons.

Dust accumulation can cause your windowsills and windows to look dull and dirty, while also making it harder for natural light to enter your home.

Plus, if you have allergies or asthma, dust mites can aggravate your symptoms.

So how often should you be dusting your window sills and windows? Ideally, you should aim to do this at least once a month.

Of course, ideally, every other week is best, but with everything else you need to dust in your house, it’s okay to let your window sills slide a bit!

Best Ways to Keep Your House Dust Free in 5 Minutes or Less

Here are some quick and easy ways to get rid of dust so you can have a clean and healthy home without spending hours cleaning!

1. Dust Your Floors Every Day

One thing that helped me have a dust free house is to Swifter my floor every single day.

I have hardwood floors and laminate in the kitchen and bathrooms and I found that when I run the Swifter in the morning, my home just looks cleaner!

2. Use Dusting Cloths

Use dusting cloths instead of feather dusters.

Feather dusters might seem like they would be more effective at dusting because they can reach those pesky cobwebs in the corners of your ceilings, but they actually just push the dust around.

Dusting cloths are much better at trapping and holding onto dust particles so they don’t end up back where you started.

Plus, they won’t scratch your surfaces like some feather dusters can.

3. Dust Your Air Vents

Don’t forget about your air vents. This often get overlooked when it comes to dusting, but air vents can actually be some of the biggest offenders when it comes to circulating dust throughout your home.

Be sure to clean your air vents on a regular basis to help keep the air in your home clean and free of dust particles.

Dust Your House Today!

Are you motived to dust your house today?

I hope so! Take a few minutes out of your day to quickly dust your furniture, blinds and ceiling fan!

By sticking to a cleaning routine, dusting will be a part of your every day general cleaning!

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