20 Lovely Spring Home Decor Designs You’ll Love

How much do you love seeing the sunshine after suppertime?

There’s something about those lingering rays of light that have me totally excited for warmer days!

I like to go for family walks and just enjoy the warm air and bird chirp and being with family.

And my twins enjoy finally wearing their sneakers and riding their scooters all over the neighborhood.

And in order to celebrate the spring season, I like to break out some lovely decor to brighten up our home.

My home is ready for some pop of color, spring goodness and just some bright decor.

If you’re ready to shed the winter chills and welcome the sun, here are some spring home decor ideas to check out:

Spring Home Decor Ideas

It’s time to get some awesome and cute spring home ideas for your home.

Even if you live in a small apartment or small home like me, you can still incorporate parts of these spring decor ideas!

Have fun mixing and matching!

1. Tulip Vase

Bring spring into your space with a beautiful tulip vase arrangement.

I love this mix of vibrant tulips in different hues!

Grab some fresh tulips from your local florist, or enjoy long-lasting artificial blooms.

You can put your vase on tulips on a mirrored tray and add a charming rabbit statue and a cozy candle.

Grab your tulip vase here.

2. Bunnies

Even if you’re not planning on putting up Easter decor, there’s nothing wrong with adding bunnies to your spring pieces!

Scout out ceramic bunnies at thrift stores or dollar stores and give them a fresh coat of white paint.

You can put your adorable bunnies anywhere, but I’m digging this look with the round wicker basket, dainty candle, and pot of fresh spring greens!

3. Floral Mantel

If you have a fireplace mantel, why not transform it with some spring decor?

You can use any type of flower, but check out these delicate roses in soft pastels and ivories!

And the greenery and satin bow give this a super elegant look.

You can easily make your own garland by using fresh or artificial flowers and floral wire. Just carefully thread the stems together and weave in some greenery for a natural and lush look.

Using floral arrangements throughout your home will just add a pop of color and welcome spring into your home!

4. Nesting Bird Candlesticks

These nesting bird candlesticks are super cute and would be super easy to make too. Just take some tall candlestick holders and put a nest of greenery at the top for your birds to chill in.

I like the added detail of the single piece of twine tied around the candlestick holder—it gives it a simple but rustic look. Pair your birds with some artificial greenery and other bird motifs, and you’ll have a charming spring look for your home!

5. Easter Table Centerpiece

If you want to set the scene for Easter fun, check out this table centerpiece!

Just lay a garland of greens, lamb’s ear (or use a platform like the picture above), and speckled eggs down the center of your table for a festive touch.

It’s an easy and simple way to add some Easter spirit to your dining area while creating a beautiful focal point on your table.

6. Tiered Tray

Are you looking to add a touch of vintage to your space?

A tiered tray is a great way to add some spring decor to your home – just fill it up with pieces like birdhouses, gardening tools, and jars of greenery.

You can also DIY your own tiered tray. Just glue two trays and a candlestick together.

Spray paint it to give it a vintage vibe, and voila! You have a charming piece of spring living room decor.

7. Blossoms

Bring the beauty of blossoms inside with a vase full of apple or cherry blossoms. Whether real or fake, they’ll add a couth of springtime magic to your home!

Put them on your kitchen island or dining table for a fresh burst of color.

8. Lemons & Hydrangea

I absolutely love this idea!

Just pop some vibrant hydrangeas into tall glass vases filled with water and citrus fruit for a fresh vibe. Lemons and limes will not only add a pop of color but also infuse your room with a zesty aroma that will instantly lift your mood.

9. Egg Basket

Time to get crafty with an egg basket centerpiece!

Fill a rustic wire basket with eggs dyed in soft colors. Nestle ‘em among some spring greenery and delicate baby’s breath for a super charming display.

If you have kiddos, dying the eggs can be a fun family activity!

Or you can use fake eggs and avoid the mess. The choice is yours!

10. Fresh Spring Terrarium

Terrariums can add an enchanting touch to your spring home decor. I love how the spring blooms are nestled with some bunnies – so cute!

All you need to make a spring terrarium is a glass dome, a tray, and a plant and some bunnies to go inside. I’m also digging the moss that’s lining the tray. It gives it a really cool natural look.

11. Rustic Birdhouses

You can also add a touch of spring to your home with some rustic birdhouses. I like this one because it’s made of weathered wood and hangs flat against the wall.

And the pastel eggs and blossoming sprigs give it a warm and welcoming touch.

You can hang it inside or use it on your front door instead of a wreath!

12. Spring Topiaries

If you’re looking for some front porch decorating ideas, you can always add some spring topiaries to freshen up the space.

Faux cement bases topped with lush greenery and vibrant berries can really add a touch of seasonal flair. You can also put them outside your front door or right inside your entryway (if you have room!).

13. Stacked Crates

You can also make a statement on your porch with some stacked crates decorated with spring greenery, some rabbit statues, and other seasonal accents.

Stack wooden crates and let your imagination go wild as you create a beautiful porch display!

14. Spring Wreaths

Of course, we can’t talk about spring home decor ideas without mentioning the traditional wreath!

You can make your own using grapevine or foam wreaths. Decorate them with artificial spring flowers and rustic burlap bows.

It’s an easy and budget-friendly way to add a pop of color to your front door.

15. Spring Bird Bath

Transform your yard into a springtime oasis by filling a bird bath with flowers, greenery, and a nest of eggs.

It’s an amazing way to add a touch of decor to your yard!

Cozy Maximalism – All the Decorations!

Cozy maximalism is a trendy design approach that combines the warmth and comfort of cozy spaces with the vibrant and eclectic elements of maximalist decor.

It’s all about layering textures, colors, and patterns to create a rich and inviting environment that feels both sumptuous and lived-in.

Check out these cozy maximalism ideas that will have your home screaming spring!

16. Kitchen Herbs

Spice up your kitchen by filling every space with herbs! It’ll bring cozy and refreshing vibes to your cooking space.

You can hang pots of herbs and blooms in all the corners to infuse your kitchen with a delightful aroma and a touch of spring.

17. Spring Flowers

If you’re looking for total spring living room decor, just fill the space with pots and vases featuring vibrant blooms.

Scatter them everywhere to coordinate and match with your decor – especially your throw pillows. Go crazy with daisies, tulips, and daffodils!

18. Spring Fling Living Room

Okay, this one may be a bit much, but it’s a great example of cozy maximalism with a springtime vibe! This room is completely decked out in bright Easter colors and cheerful accents.

From centerpieces to wreaths and hanging eggs, every corner of this room is filled with whimsy and charm! I especially love the gingham throw pillows.

19. Sunshine Bathroom

Bathe your bathroom in spring sunshine with tons of yellow. Decorate with daffodils, candles, and greenery to make a warm and inviting space.

Add a sunny shower curtain to complete the look and brighten up your daily routine with a burst of cheerful energy!

20. Easter Elegance

If you want to go all out for Easter, check out this room!

Mismatched gingham tablecloths in coordinating colors and elegant spring blooms create a really sophisticated look.

Hang pictures of spring flowers on the wall, and be sure to tuck in bright and cheerful Easter eggs wherever you can.

Spring Into Style!

Whether you’re looking for spring living room decor, ideas for front porch decorating, or want to go big with a cozy maximalism look, these ideas will help you fill your home with brightness and charm.

Happy spring!

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