21 Must-Have Christmas Pillow Covers That are Turning Heads this Holiday Season

My daughter wants to skip over Halloween and just decorate for Christmas.

And I can’t blame her!

All over Pinterest this is all I’m seeing!

The Christmas aesthetic is here and I’m living for it.

And what better way to get into this spirt to welcome the holidays with some Christmas pillow covers!

There’s not need to buy new pillows too!

Just place these Pottery-barn inspired covers over your existing pillows and bam!

Christmas is in your living room.

Ready to get started?

I know I am!

Check out these joyful pillow covers for Christmas for your home or apartment.

Christmas Throw Pillow Covers

Deck the halls with pillows of fabulousness!

The stunning Christmas throw pillow covers have arrived, and they’re ready to add some spice to your holiday decor.

These pillow covers are the perfect way to show off your impeccable taste and fashion sense.

Not only will they make your home look stylish, but they’re also an affordable way to switch up your decor without breaking the bank. You’ll feel like you’re living in a winter wonderland thanks to the festive patterns and designs on these covers.

‘Tis the season to be chic!

1. Embroidered Christmas Covers

Don’t you just love this group of Christmas pillow covers (18×18 and 20 x 20 sizes)?

If you’re looking to add an extra sparkle to your home décor this year, then these decorative pillow covers are it.

Not only are they made from a durable material that will survive all the cozy winter nights in, but the vibrant colors and intricate design make them comparable to any top-tier throw pillow out there.

Plus, being able to switch up your style with different designs and color variations is a total game changer.

I mean, who wants to waste storage space on bulky pillows for every holiday?

With these pillow covers, you’ll get four interchangeable options for an unbeatable price. Trust me, your living room will thank you.

2. White Christmas Covers

Aren’t these soft white Christmas throw pillow covers scream winter wonderland?

I’m absolutely gushing over these covers!

Not only do they add the perfect amount of winter charm to any living room couch, but they also look fabulous tucked here and there throughout your home.

The canvas material is exactly what you’d expect from a high-quality pillow cover, with perfect stitching and trim to boot.

Seriously, these pillows look like they were hand-picked from the shelves of a designer store.

Whether you’re going for a chic, or just a touch of winter magic, these pillow covers will not disappoint!

3. Gold Pillow Covers

But, if you want some color, these gold Christmas pillow covers are TO.DIE.FOR!

Deck the halls with heaps of gold!

Are you on the hunt for ways to spruce up your humble abode this holiday season? Look no further than these glimmering gold pillow covers.

They’re the perfect addition to any couch, bed, or chair, turning any drab space into a fab space.

With their shiny, shimmering finish, these pillow covers are like a winter wonderland for your home. Go ahead, you deserve it!

4. Blue Pillow Covers

It’s officially the most wonderful time of the year, and what better way to spruce up your home than with some chic blue Christmas covers?

These covers are not only cute, but they’re also durable, making them the perfect addition to your holiday decor.

And let’s talk about how easy they are to change a whole look!

In just a few seconds, you can zip off your regular pillows and change up your entire vibe.

It’s like the decorator’s version of a quick costume change.

Plus, these covers fit perfectly on my sofa pillows, making them an effortless addition to my living room.

And the convenience doesn’t stop there – once the holiday season is over, just unzip the covers and you’re back to your regular pillows. I loved these covers so much, I even ordered more for other holidays.

Trust me, the indoor and outdoor quality is top-notch, and the material is so pretty.

So go ahead, add some flair to your home with these blue pillow covers, and make your space the envy of all your guests.

5. Pink Pillow Covers

Alright, dolls, let’s talk about these fabulous pink Christmas pillow covers.

Yes, they may not be the comfiest cozies for your tush, but honey, they are a must-have for your holiday decor.

I love how festive and cute these are and I know my daughter would love them in her bedroom.

These beauties will survive even the wildest throws from your little ones.

Just be warned, they do feel like smooth burlap but that means they are durable!

And can we talk about how stunning they look on my velvet pink couches? Slay.

For real though, at this price point, these babies are the steal of the season.

Don’t miss out, add some pink pop to your winter wonderland with these pillow covers.

Trust me, you’ll thank me later.

6. Red Pillow Covers

These red pillow covers scream sophisticated holidays.

I love the pom-poms too!

The fabric is so luxurious, you won’t even want to rest your head on them (but you should, because they’re also super comfortable).

And dare I say it? The zipper is smooth and durable.

These pillow covers are so vibrant – high quality, well-made, and affordable.

Not to mention, the color is so spot-on it puts a stop sign to the Grinch.

The pom-poms add a dash of playfulness to your decor, making it feel like Christmas morning every time you wake up.

Vintage Christmas Pillow Covers

The halls are decked, the mistletoe is hung, and now it’s time to accessorize every nook and cranny with some vintage pillow covers.

Luckily, you don’t have to scour every thrift store in town to find these festive gems.

From Santa Claus to Rudolph, these covers will transport your cozy space back in time with just a simple switcheroo.

And let’s be real, who doesn’t love a good throw pillow?

It’s the perfect way to add a touch of holiday cheer without going full-blown Clark Griswold.

So why settle for plain ol’ pillows when you can have vintage Christmas ones? I

t’s the chic and Kylie Jenner-approved way to deck your halls.

7. Retro Santa Claus Pillow Covers

Santa Clause pillow covers?

They’re giving me all the vintage Christmas vibes I never knew I needed.

The quality is top-notch and they can withstand even the most rambunctious of holiday guests.

The designs are giving me major cuteness overload, and the classic

Christmas look is simply unmatched.

Although, let’s keep it real, I do wish that the opening was a bit longer.

But hey, we can’t have it all, can we?

I threw these festive pillows on my furniture and it was an instant holiday upgrade.

The fabric is so nice and the print is just gorgeous.

8. Farmhouse Pillow Covers

Look at these pillow covers?

I’m OBSESSED with this farmhouse look!

If there’s one thing that can make your home feel more festive during the holiday season, it’s got to be Christmas decor.

They’re perfect for giving your space that vintage country feel, while still keeping it chic and stylish.

With great designs at an affordable price, you can’t go wrong!

Plus, let’s be real, who doesn’t love a cozy pillow to snuggle up with during the winter months?

Just be sure to get those 20×20 inch inserts, so your pillows are plump and luxurious.

9. Christmas Tree Pillow Covers

I love how these Christmas tree pillow covers look!

They’re so beautiful, it’s like they were hand-crafted by Santa’s elves themselves!

The quality is top-notch, with rich and vibrant colors that just scream festive cheer.

And let me just tell you, these pillow cases are SO soft, it’s like snuggling up to a freshly-baked batch of gingerbread cookies.

I swear, every time I envision these pillow covers in my living room, I feel like I’m lounging in the lap of luxury.

With their fancy embroidery and chic design, you’d think they cost a fortune – but shh, let’s keep that our little secret, okay?

10. Plaid Christmas Covers

Ah, I can suddenly smell the Polo cologne wafting through when I see these plaid Christmas pillow covers.

These festive pillows come in 18 x 18 and are not only a steal price-wise, but they can transform an entire room without breaking the bank.

I’m talkin’ two for the price of one, which is unheard of at any major designer store.

Now, they may not hold up too well in the wash, but they are SO soft and cozy, you’ll probably want to snuggle up with them all winter long anyways.

The colors are vibrant and the material is sooo luxurious to the touch, you’ll feel like you’re lounging in a five-star hotel.

And let’s not forget the sturdy zipper, because no one likes a wonky zipper, honey.

11. Outdoor Christmas Covers

These vintage styled pillow covers make for good outdoor decor.

These outdoor pillow covers are the perfect addition to your decor.

Softened to perfection after a good old wash and dry, they’re subtle yet stylish, with colors that will blend harmoniously with just about any sofa.

And while they may not be the pillowy heavens you’ll want to rest your head on come winter’s night, they still make for some pretty eye candy.

All in all, these covers are sure to sleigh your holiday look and keep you feeling chic.

12. Retro Rudolph Pillow Covers

This brings me back to my childhood days!

Wait, I’m not THAT old but I do remember sitting in front of the TV watching Rudolph the Red Nose Reindeer.

These retro pillow covers are perfect to bring back that nostalgic feel of those TV shows!

Popular Christmas Pillow Covers

Tis’ the season to be jolly and nothing screams holiday cheer more than some trendy pillow covers to snuggle up with.

Whether you’re decking the halls, sipping on hot cocoa, or cuddling with your boo, these pillow covers will add some sass to your space.

From reindeer to candy canes, there’s a design for every style.

After all, who said Christmas decor had to be boring?

So, if you’re ready to be in the holiday decorating, grab yourself some of these popular pillow covers and let the merrymaking begin!

13. Beaded Christmas Covers

This beaded Christmas pillow cover is all the rave!

This pillow cover comes in many different holiday festive colors and the material is durable, soft and lovely!

14. Sequin Pillow Covers

Check out these flashy pillow covers!

Deck the halls, baby!

With these sequin pillow covers, my front room is ready to slay the holiday season.

Reversible? Yassss!

But let’s keep it real, Christmas is all having more red in my life.

And, let me tell you, these pillow covers are a breeze to insert.

The zipper seems sturdy, but girl, take your time with it, we don’t want any accidents.

These beauties are prettier in person and have that glam factor that’s on point.

The colors are so vibrant and beautiful.

So, if you’re ready to bring some high-end sparkle to your holiday decor, just buy these babies!

15. A Beautiful Embroidered Christmas Pillow Cover

Oh man, this embroidered pillow cover is exquisite!

They are just too fabulous for words!

The intricate embroidery is seriously stunning and gives them such a rich, chic look.

And can we just take a moment to appreciate the design?

That vibrant shade is just everything!

Plus, the light canvas fabric is top-notch – not too stiff or rough, but definitely not super soft either.

Overall, these pillow covers are just so well-made and totally perfect for adding a pop of holiday cheer to any sofa or bed.

I am seriously OBSESSED!

16. Snowflake Pillow Covers

How gorgeous are these snowflake pillow covers?

I can’t get enough of this modern and sleek Christmas decor look!

I want more!

17. Elegant Christmas Pillow Covers

Classic and elegant pillow covers can set the theme for your Christmas decor this year.

I mean, who doesn’t like simple yet elegant?

DIY Christmas Pillow Covers

The holiday season is all about snuggles, hot cocoa, and decorating your home in the most festive way possible.

And what better way to add some bling and glam to your couch than with some DIY pillow covers?

Trust me, they’re the perfect accessory to your Kylie Cosmetics lip kit and matching pajamas.

Plus, they’re easy to make and give your space that extra touch of chicness.

So, grab that glue gun and some sparkly fabric because it’s time to get crafting!

18. No Sew Pillow Covers

With a canvas gift bag you can turn that into an amazing pillow cover for Christmas and the holidays!

19. DIY Sweater Christmas Pillow Cover

Don’t donate those old sweaters! Use them to make these cute holiday pillow covers!

20. No Sew Napkin Pillow Covers

Get your plaid on with this simple DIY new sew pillow cover tutorial!

21. DIY Christmas Cushion

This is a simple holiday cushion tutorial for beginners to try.

Welcome the Holidays With Festive Pillow Covers

A simple way to decorate your home for Christmas is to just throw these pillow covers on your pillows and enjoy some Christmas music too.