31 Clever and Unique Ways on Storing Scarves (In a Small Home)

Over at our home, I ended up storing all our scarves (and mitts to boot) in a freakin’ reusable Toys R Us bags.

I then stored them in the entryway closet and everything was fine….until it wasn’t fine.

The bag started sagging and the straps broke, so now I need a solution on how to store scarves, especially in my small home.

So, let’s see some creative solutions that will not only save space but make sure your scarves are visible, accessible, and wrinkle-free.

From how to store Hermes scarves to winter scar storage, here are some awesome tips to help you out.

How to Store Scarves In Your Closet

Of course, having more space in your closet is a game-changer, especially for small homes like the one I have.

Let’s take a look at some absolutely ingenious ways to hang and display your scarves in the closet.

These ideas will help you make the most out of your vertical space and easily find the perfect accessory for your outfit.

1. Scarf Hangers

Yass! I love this simple yet durable storage solution for my scarves.

Having multi-tiered scarf hangers will maximize vertical space and free up space since you can hold dozens of scarves at a time.

Hang these space-efficient hangers on the closet rod, and voila!

Your scarves are neatly displayed and easily accessible.

2. Shower Curtain Rings

What a creative DIY idea! Love it!

Attach shower curtain rings to a hanger, then loop your scarves through the rings.

This DIY solution is cost-effective and keeps your scarves wrinkle-free.

3. Tension Rods

This is such a chic look for your bedroom!

Install tension rods horizontally in your closet. Loop your scarves over the rods, creating a visually appealing and organized display.

4. Decorative Hooks

I mean, this could be a piece of art in your bedroom!

Install decorative hooks on the inside of your closet door or on your bedroom wall.

This not only saves space but also adds a touch of personality to your storage solution.

5. Hanging Shoe Organizer

Repurpose a hanging shoe organizer to store your scarves. Each compartment can house a different scarf, making it easy to find the perfect one for any occasion.

6. Belt Hangers

Try belt hangers to loop your scarves through. This not only keeps them organized but also provides a visually interesting display, just like a scarf boutique.

It’s definitely an easy storage idea and one that doesn’t take up too much room in your closet.

9. Wooden Dowel Display

Install a wooden dowel behind your closet door to create a minimalist scarf display. Hang your scarves on the dowel, arranging them by color or style for an aesthetically pleasing and organized look.

How to Store Scarves in Your Drawers

The drawer might just be the unsung hero of scarf storage.

Here are some smart techniques to keep your scarves neatly rolled, preventing wrinkles and ensuring that every drawer becomes a treasure trove of easily accessible fashion choices.

Drawer storage not only saves space but also adds a touch of organizational magic to your daily routine.

10. Square Drawer Dividers

Roll your scarves and place them in drawer dividers. This technique prevents wrinkles and allows you to see each scarf at a glance.

And well, doesn’t it just look nice?

Eye candy for sure!

11. DIY Cardboard Dividers

Create DIY cardboard dividers by cutting and folding pieces of cardboard to fit your drawer. These dividers keep scarves neatly separated and visible when you open the drawer.

12. Lingerie Organizers

Use lingerie organizers with multiple compartments for your scarves. The small, individual pockets are perfect for keeping scarves organized and easily accessible in a compact space.

Plus, the soft material won’t hurt any of your scarves! Win-win!

13. File Organizer

Lay scarves flat in a file organizer to prevent them from getting tangled. This method works well for larger scarves and shawls.

14. Clear Organizational Bings

Why not use clear bings for organizing to create individual compartments for your scarves?

Stack these boxes neatly in your drawer for an organized look.

How to Store Scarves So They Don’t Wrinkle

Are you wondering how to store scarves without wrinkling?

Not all scarves are created equal when it comes to wrinkling. Delicate fabrics like silk and intricate weaves can easily crease if not stored properly.

These awesome strategies will make sure that your scarves remain smooth and pristine, regardless of the material – especially when it comes to how to store silk scarves.

You can showcase your collection without the worry of unsightly wrinkles!

15. Hanging Swing Rack

Install a rotating towel rack on the back of your closet door. Hang your scarves over the rungs to keep them wrinkle-free.

This is a great option if you live in a small apartment or home!

16. Tissue Paper Rolls

I LOVE this low-cost idea!

Place tissue paper rolls between your scarves when storing them in a drawer.

This simple trick prevents wrinkles and creases.

17. Hanging Canvas Shelves

You can try hanging canvas shelves to store your scarves as a way to store and organize them.

The gentle fabric won’t cause wrinkles, and you can easily see and access each scarf.

18. Felt Hangers

Go for felt hangers to keep your scarves in place.

The material provides a non-slip surface, ensuring your scarves stay smooth and wrinkle-free.

19. Display Ladder

Grab a blanket ladder to hang your scarves in a visually pleasing cascading manner. This not only keeps your scarves wrinkle-free but also transforms your scarves into an artful display piece in your living space.

Where Can I Put My Winter Scarves?

In the frosty embrace of winter, scarves become not just a stylish accessory but a vital shield against the biting cold.

Yet, finding the perfect storage spot for these cozy essentials can be a challenge, especially in smaller living spaces.

Here’s how to store scarves in the winter like a pro.

20. Vacuum-Sealed Bags

For bulky winter scarves, consider vacuum-sealed bags.

These not only save space but also protect your scarves from dust and moisture.

21. Blanket Basket

Repurpose a stylish blanket basket to store your winter scarves in the living room or bedroom. It adds a cozy touch to your decor while keeping your scarves within arm’s reach.

22. Over-the-Door Hooks

Install over-the-door hooks in your entryway or bedroom to hang your frequently used winter scarves. This ensures they are easily accessible as you head out into the chilly weather.

23. Coordinated Basket in the Hallway

Place a decorative basket in your hallway for a quick and stylish storage solution for your winter scarves. This adds a touch of warmth to your entry space.

24. Under-Bed Storage

Make use of under-bed storage for winter scarves. Slide-out bins or vacuum-sealed bags can be neatly tucked away, keeping your cozy accessories easily accessible yet out of sight.

How to Store Scarves Marie Kondo Style

For those who embrace the minimalist approach, organizing your scarf collection can be an art form.

Let’s have fun with some Marie Kondo-inspired ideas!

These tips will help you curate and maintain a scarf collection that sparks joy.

Learn how to fold, categorize, and display your scarves with intention, creating a visually pleasing and clutter-free space.

25. Declutter First

Follow Marie Kondo’s principle of decluttering. Keep only the scarves that spark joy, making it easier to organize and maintain order.

26. Beautiful Folding

Fold your scarves vertically and store them in a drawer or on a shelf. This method makes it easy to see all your scarves at once.

27. Categorize by Material

Organize your scarves by material (silk, wool, cotton) for a systematic and visually appealing display.

28. Accessible Storage Boxes

Use clear storage boxes for scarves that you don’t use frequently. This maintains a clutter-free look while keeping your scarves in pristine condition.

29. Decorative Hat Boxes

Use decorative hat boxes to store your scarves on the wall or in your closet.

These boxes not only keep your scarves neatly organized but also add a touch of elegance to your storage solution.

30. Display with Intention

Hang your scarves in a deliberate and intentional manner, creating a visually pleasing display that reflects your personal style.

31. Regular Maintenance

Keep up with regular maintenance by periodically reassessing your scarf collection. Donate or repurpose scarves that no longer bring you joy.

Chic and Clever Scarf Storage Solutions for a Tangle-Free Wardrobe!

Storing scarves in a small home can be both practical and stylish. With these clever ideas, you can keep your scarves organized, easily accessible, and free from wrinkles.

Whether you prefer a Marie Kondo-inspired display or space-saving solutions in your closet or drawers, these tips will help you make the most of your storage space.

Say goodbye to tangled scarves and hello to a beautifully organized collection!

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